Odienné is a tourist region in the northwestern part of the Ivory Coast. It is the seat of both Denguélé District and the Kabadougou Region. It is also a commune and the seat of and a sub-prefecture of Odienné Department.

The town of Odienné was founded by Malinké people under Vakaba Touré  (1800–58). Later, Samory Touré founded a support base in the town. The French explorer René Caillié visited Odienné in 1827. In 1898, during the French occupation of Cote d'Ivoire, a military post was established south of Odienné. During the First Ivorian Civil War, Odienné was a Forces Nouvelles de Côte d'Ivoire stronghold. Its remote location meant that the town was somewhat peaceful during the war compared to other Ivorian towns.


Features of Odienné include a large Mosque and nearby gold minesAlso, there is a part that forms the Denguelé district and it is rich in crafts, culture, and history. Vakaba Touré's tomb is located in the region.

The town is served by Odienné Airport. The Stade Municipal is a multi-purpose stadium in the town. St. Augustine Cathedral serves as the cathedral and headquarters for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Odienné, of which Antoine Koné is the bishop.


Odienné relies on agriculture as its main industry. Fruits, cashews, yams, and cotton is grown in fields located in the Massif du Dienguélé valley. The townhouses a rice-processing plant and manganese is also produced in the area 


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Odienné et Samatiguila

The museum (tomb) of Vakaba Toure in Odienné, Vakaba TOURE conquered the kingdom of Nafana founded in the eighteenth century. The new kingdom took the name of Kabadougou. Vakaba Toure is a "war chief" Malinké, founder of the town of Odienné, in the north-west of Cote d'Ivoire, close to both Mali and Guinea. Its very Modest tomb is located in the center of the city and is not the object of a particular cult.

The Denguelé massif Sacred mountain

Mont denguele   

Mystical and imposing, Mount Denguelé culminates at 806 m. The presence of animals of various species in its caves is noted. It is from this mountain that emanates the name of the region.

The monument of Tiemé in honor of René Caille

The box where RENE CAILLE has stayed, reached by scurvy and immobilized by a wound in the heel. He was cared for by an old woman. It was in 1827.

The traditional hunters of Niamasso

An impressive troop of traditional hunters dreaded in the region for their mystical powers.

The caves of Lossogo

These are caves for the extraction of gunpowder. It was also the powder magazine of Samory TOURE.

The sacred lake of Semé

In a limpid marigot swim enormous sacred catfish that rush to the surface like to wish you the traditional YDENSE (good arrival in Malinké). They embody the soul of the inhabitants of the village.

Le lac sacré
The sacred lake of Semé


A very ancient religious center that has radiated on Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Ghana, and Guinea with its 28 Koranic schools, its famous prayer place, and its sacred mosque. Samatiguila is a high place of pilgrimage. There are the remnants of war that served in the Sofas of Samory TOURE. 

Dances of the Folon and Kabadougou region 

THE N'ZOLO: The dancers are dressed with the wires of bags (plastic) and dance to the sound of tam-tam, girls and boys while lying on the ground. 

THE YAGBALE DJIDOUNOUN  dances to the sound of a gourd reversed in the water of a basin played, sung and danced by the women. 

THE DONZO-GONI is the dance of the hunters (Dozo), sung danced by the initiates to the sound of the kora played by a Donzo.

A dozo in Odienné


Traditional dancers of the southern Kambirila are a group of dancers dressed superbly with beautiful ornaments. They are famous in the region for the rich repertoire of their traditional dances. 

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