Abissa is a traditional holiday of national interest celebrated by the N'zima community of Grand-Bassam, at the end of October and the beginning of November of each year.


This cultural festival symbolizes the concepts of democracy and social justice.

For a week, she gathers all the N'zima sons and daughters around their chef and the speaker tam-tam called "EDO-N GBOLE" to make an annual assessment of their


Community in the district France classified World Heritage of UNESCO.

During this event, social barriers are lifted and "everything is allowed".

Feast balance of N'zima, the Abissa is an opportunity to denounce bad acts, to encourage actions of social balance and projects, to denounce publicly all those who have committed wrongdoing.


This is also the moment for all those who have committed blameworthy and regrettable actions to make confessions. They will be offered the opportunity to repent in public and to be forgiven for their faults